Sunday, 14 August 2016

midfifty extended spring hangers sit too high

Midfifty's extended spring hangers sit a tad high for the bed. Now, this is probably my fault as I think I must have removed spacers in the frame at one time or another and never put them back. I am assuming the frame did have spacers from the factory, otherwise these hangers are about half an inch too high. Perhaps even more than that.
You might not be able to tell that well in the first photo, but they do sit above the corresponding support frame. Seriously enough for me to insert spacers.
midfifty extended spring hanger
 It is no big deal, but this is what I am going to have to do to ensure it doesn't rub.

midfifty extended spring hanger

No, I don't have dandruff! This is all the dust from me sanding back the sides of the bed (sea earlier posts) Sometimes I actually DO do things! 

This is the extended y spring shackle mated with Midfifty's Spring shackle rear replacement
I probably didn't need to purchase these as my original cast iron shackles were pretty good. However, I ordered the whole shooting match. They are nowhere near as strong as the original items, and the spring hanger itself is a very thin looking piece of kit. I can't imagine that it will last even half as long as the original, but that is okay, because if it lasts half as long I will be hitting my mid eighties and won't give a bugger anyway, heheh. Thing is, they worked together nicely, they look great and they probably have improved my ride a touch, although in reality, I barely drove it beforehand, so I cannot give a proper report on whether it makes handling any better or worse. The truck is still pretty bumpy. But that just adds to the fun.

The other thing that is a bit of a worry is that big cavity area which is gonna trap dirt and mud over the years with nowhere to exit. I suppose in reality, not much dirt and mud is gonna creep in there, but maybe I should be drilling a drain hole to let water and dust through? (We are talking about the cavity where the bolt feeds off from the shackle into the mount. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

What they should do to make the Olympic Games fair

All this talk about drug cheats and stuff makes me think the answer must lie somewhere between  the"banning the games" and "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mentality.
In all honesty, I don't really "get" the Olympic games. I thought it was for amateurs, but that seems to have been blown by the wayside. Someone told me he thinks they even have golf in the Olympics now. Synchronized swimming was one thing (totally absurd) but a gold medal for playing golf?
Last night I watched ms Williams from the USA demolish an opponent in tennis; an Olympic games match! Tennis!
Look, I think it has all gone out of hand. And to be frank, it's a little boring.
What I think should be done is to level the playing field; give everyone magic mushrooms and watch them compete. Everyone would be so stoned that they could barely walk, let along throw a javelin, shot a put, hurtle a hurdle. Imagine the sound of broken ankles at hockey matches full of stoned players. Swimmers would not only swim out of their lane, but would probably go endlessly around in circles. How much fun would that be to watch!
Stoned Judo practitioners grabbing in all sorts of places that would otherwise be taboo.

Synchronised swimming would actually be something you could enjoy watching.

Archery could get interesting, and I wouldn't want to be a judge at the Javelin throwing arena.
Me? I just wanna watch some  beach volleyball: stoned or sober, I don't care.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Street Machine Hot Rod Magazine issue 17! If it was a firecracker it would go right off!

The folks behind the Street Machine Hot Rod Magazine outfit know how to really nail together a quality read time after time. Issue 17 is upon us and it's right up there once more with high quality photographs, engaging articles and great paper stock; beautifully and painstakingly put together.
And you can feel the love as well; the love that the people who put this together really love doing it. It comes across on every page. Still no hot chicks, but despite that, a solid read.
Definitely worth coughing up the bucks for as it is streets ahead of anything else out there. Check out their facebook page

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How Cool Are These? US Postal Service Pickup Truck Stamps!

Okay, well, first up, how darn cool are these stamps? Better that licking the face of some stuck up bit of Commonwealth Royalty or licking the arse of a tired old platypus!  These trucks (sadly no mid fifties f100 in sight) look bloody fantastic! Wonder if the Australian Post Office does a similar thing with the last of our locally produced Ford Falcon. Seems the right thing to do.
I dig 'em! Wonder if they will send me a set?

Go here to order 'em!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Mid year update. Where we are at July 2016

Hey guys and girls (or, unless you are a student at Cheltenham High School [see here]), an "it" , here is a bit of an update as to where we are at with ol' Dorothy.
This weekend we are heading to Wonsons Timber yard to discuss our options for wood.
I have made contact and they tell me they can dress some spotted gum down to size or it's going to get pricey.
Midfifty got back to me with a quote for: the stainless bed strips at:
Parts ordered EachTotal
1x90208-SS: Bed Strips, No Round Hole, Stainless Steel($125.00)$125.00
Subtotal: $125.00
Shipping and Handling: $159.00
Total: $284.00

and I think it is far too much money for me to pay for this. Postage is a definite killer. More than double the cost of the item. So, ah, no thanks. Nobody's fault. Just the bloody outrageous high cost of shipping stuff, so I will probably check out other options.

First exciting pics of my new starter motor! JayLec 70-0101 Starter. Rotatable GM unit. 12v 10th. I can tell you one thing; it doesn't take much juice to crank that engine over and by god does it crank it quick! I was just pricing these buggers and I think I scored a great deal from Alex at FM spares in Warilla as I think he charged me only a couple of hundred and I have seen them for sale at over four hundred. Take the win when you can get it,  I guess.

Some running repairs still to be done with a leaking power steering unit somewhere. I think it is pouring out of the top of the reservoir? I cannot see any leaks from the hoses. Unless the reservoir has a crack in it or the weld around the thing is coming apart.
Have found one of the new boots that go over the rack has entirely split up the side and not sure why this has done this so badly. I fitted it brand new too. Ordered another, but a pain to fit. I suppose the ball joint is gonna have to come off and unwind it off the shaft and so forth. Bit oily under there too, which probably hints at a worn seal.

Another leak of some significance is coming from the back of the engine. Dripping down from the oil filter. Now, it could just be the oil filter hasn't properly sealed on the engine or it could be something worse like a rear main seal, which I am not going to get done unless I get the engine reconditioned (and that won't be any time this year thanks to me being broke)

Other things?
Well, we bought a couple of magnetic white boards and I fitted a couple of hinges to the top and sides and made a magnetic sandwich board out of it when we go to a show.

Wendy thought it would be fun to have a couple of old timey dolls as mascots in the back as well, and we found this great William Wallace doll at the markets for $40 a while back and then she wanted a partner for him, so we bought his mrs from ebay in USA at great expense. Here's a quick snap of them in the back.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Next big project: replacing the bed wood on the f100

Okay, I will try and condense this little project into one long rambling post rather than several mini posts just to maintain some sort of flow of information.
Now, the thing is, this bed has had it's tailgate all sealed up, so it is probably going to complicate matters quite a lot. The only way I can imagine doing it is to feed the wood in from the top and press it in. Dunno how hard it is going to be, but I am up for it. Here's a link to the  midfifty  instructions and their dimensions showing exactly what I need to buy to get the job done.
As for the stainless steel strips, I don't want to fork out over $350 for them locally, and I don't think midfifty will ship these to Australia owing to the restrictions to length of parcel or some such thing.
Not sure what my other options are. Be nice if good ol' Bunnings had something suitable, though I suspect not.
So it looks like a trip in Dorothy tomorrow to Tarrawanna to Wonson timber.
A nice oak base would be ideal.
Stay tuned! More tomorrow!

So, with a quote that rivalled Classic Pickup Supplies quote, I decided to look around and see what else I could use instead of the standard stainless strips. Maybe aluminium would do? Has to be cheaper than stainless. Another trip to Bunnings.

I mentioned my dilemma to my wife who said it was all too expensive to contemplate, so we started looking at floor paneling and before you know it, I bought a pack of floor covering.

She suggested I just glue it to the current old floor and who would care? I agree, anything is better than what is covering it now, but I don't like the idea of covering up something ordinary with something temporary, when the end cost is not going to be that much less than had I done it right the first time.

We thought about fitting up the sides as well. Wendy thought it would look really good, and I think it looks better than how it looks now, but I think overall it looks too woody. Mind you, it would offer some protection to the sides.

I guess for a quick, easy job, it would do. But I am still not convinced.

I spoke with Wonson timber and they asked so many questions about wood, I started having to brush up on my year 12 maths just to answer their question about what profile do I need. Well, ahh.... I'll get back to you...

Wonson's Timber yet to get back. Did not seem able to supply me with what I wanted, so I contacted Chris at Austimber. who sent me a brochure of some of their hardwoods.

I have taken a bit of a shine to the Jarrah.
They are getting back with a quote to basically make the wood up for me and rabbit the ends etc.

Chris sent me a quote for 8 pieces of Jarrah with the rebates as per the diagram which I sent him. $415 pickup from mill.

Ripped out the old plywood bed. 
Plan is to attack the bits I can get to easily, tidy them up and lay some new wood in there.

7/8/16. Just noticed, once I took the old bed off, that a couple of rather important bolts were missing. The rear bolts which bolt the rear of the truck onto the chassis. Rather important those!

Coming together slowly. The panel nearest cabin came up well. Left side needs a bit more work yet.
Right side is a shocker. See all the imperfections in the metal here.

Any ideas how best to tackle that? Looks as though I am going to be needing a lot more filler in there to even this side out.

Cleaned up the chassis a little and gave it a good coat of KBS Rust Seal . It's good stuff. Sets hard with a plastic-like hardness. Just don't get it on your fingers

A light film of bog. I think I should have gone right across the entire panel, but I only had a small tin. See how it comes up tomorrow.

Action Shot! I love action shots! This is me actually doing something! (even though I have no idea how to do it properly!)  Sanding down the bed. Managed two solid hours on one side. Got about halfway. 

More next week!
Well, I think I am making this far more work than I need to have done. I have sanded that whole area back and still have so many furrows and high spots to deal with, so I decided to get more filler and do another spread right across the side of the bed this time. Only thicker.
So, guess what I will be doing all next week?
There must be an easier way.
Jaysus, I hate bodywork!

Now I have to sand all of that down! What am I doing to myself?

Monday, 18 July 2016

The milk in the fridge

Day 95 July 18th 2016.
Folks, few things bug me more than lazy people who leave old food and drink in the fridge well beyond their use by date. Case in point: here is a photograph of such an offending article. In this case it is an innocent plastic bottle of skim milk, second from the left.
One of our staff members likes to make her breakfast at work, and she brings in her own milk on these days. Skim milk, which nobody else uses.
Now, just for a bit of fun, I am going to take a photo of that fridge each week just to prove to you how lazy this person is. Now, she is obviously lazy, because if you will observe, there is a second bottle of skim milk two places to the right. This is the most recent bottle of milk. She has not bothered to empty the first bottle of milk.
So, I hear you say, what is so weird about that? Well, this first bottle has an expiry date on it, thus: April 15 2016. Which means she purchased it sometime around early April.

The second bottle appeared around June, about four weeks ago, so it is just starting to go really off. I can't tell you how bad the first bottle smells when I take the lid off because, well, I am not stupid. Man, it is gonna STINK. It is already starting to go gluggy and thick like rotten cheese  There is an interesting time-lapse video on youtube showing what happens to a glass of milk after 65 days. Check it out here. Now, since this has a lid on it, it hasn't gone quite like that, and I am tempted to take the lid off, just to have it reek through our kitchen, but the problem is, I work behind it, so I would be the most affected.
I took this photo 95 days after the expiry date.
Let's keep this going and see how long it takes for the bright spark to empty her stinking milk.
Chances are, within a month or two there will be three bottles in there...

Day 103 26 July 2016
Just noticed a second bottle of Tahini on the top shelf. A good chance it has been left there by the same person, but possibly not. Seems too co-incidental. I will endeavour to check out the expiry date of the tahini shortly and get back, and I will check the expiry of the second bottle .

Day 109 August 1st.
I have loosened the lid of the milk container so that the stale, putrid stench of rotting milk will soon be filtering through the office. Unfortunately, I am not far from the fridge and will cop the stench before too long, although, I think the odour will stay within the confines of the fridge as long as it is shut. So, I guess, soon enough, others will start thinking "oh, gosh, something smells in the fridge...I wonder what it could be?" Incidentally, for those of you who were asking, the bottle of mineral water has been there for at least twelve months without a lid. I noticed there were weird orange floaty things in the water/ (Bacteria?) It's anyone guess.
The partly used tahini jar has an expiry date ending this month. That could offer some novel value when it begins to ferment and go furry.

Day 116 August 8th.

Folks, this is starting to look mighty scary now. Day 116 and things are starting to go a weird colour and texture. A watery, sludgy texture.

Curiously, the skim milk on the right, which has only expired a relatively short time compared to the skim milk on the left, has began to deteriorate at a much quicker pace.
From this, one could deduce that the Coles milk (the one which has passed its use-by date the longest) contains far more preservatives than the Dairy Farmers milk, which , as you can see on the right, is looking bloody horrid. Foamy, white stuff is forming on top of a layer of yellow oily ooze and underneath it, the milk has developed a sloppy watery mix like yogurt mixed with oil.

And humans actually drink this stuff?
Man, I am definitely going on Almond milk from now on.
So, just to recap.
Our incredibly well preserved Coles own brand skim milk which has an expiry date of 15th April 2016 is doing far better than our Dairy Farmers skim milk which expired 14th July 2016. Figure that out!

Day 123 15th August 2016
Guess what folks? The milk containers are still there. The bottle of water without the lid is still there, and I have also noticed that the bottle of Mojo on the shelf above expired about one year ago as well.
I don't really know what this stuff is, but I can tell you, when I picked it up and turned it sideways I saw a gunky brown sludge at the bottom of the bottle

 Like, what the hell is going on in this fridge? This is not Chernobyl; this is an active library in a prominent school with a  number of staff who access said fridge. Now we have got Mojo in the cross hairs, and to see the transmogrification of its contents over a period of time will be something worth watching. Mind you, it is hard to go past the gaggingly grotesque bottle of Dairy Farmers Skim Milk which has hit 30 days past its use-by date (comparatively fresh when compared to 123 days for the Coles own brand which looks as fresh as a daisy. (but smells like an olympic village's laundromat after the athletics carnival. )

So, without further ado, this is what you are all here for...Ready for it? Here 'tis (I took it out of the fridge for a close-up. Mmm. I am thirsty for a thick shake now! 

Day 130
It's getting harder for me to get near this bottle of milk without chucking my guts up all over the place.
130 days since the Coles milk has expired, and it STILL looks drinkable.
Can't say the same for our Dairy Farmers milk, which, at around 6 weeks past expiry is doing this:

This cannot possibly go on for much longer...

Looks about ready to explode!