Friday, 2 December 2016

Supercheap air compressor deal hard to walk away from! OR "yes, I am still looking for a goddamned air compressor!"

Well, you know, as if I need an excuse to buy myself an air compressor and all, but it IS approaching Christmas and Supercheap DO have a couple of very nicely price air compressors in their latest catalogue. I guess the Stanley belt drive 2.5 has to be the pick of their units this time around and at a nose hair over 400 bucks, has to be worth considering for the home.

Thing is, for industrial/ professional work, I guess 2.5 ain't gonna cut the mustard, but for home, do you think that would be ample? I was thinking about re-spraying the old tart and for that purpose, should be fine, no? Belt driven as opposed to non belt driven doesn't mean much to me because I have never had an air compressor, but a quick flick around the internet tells me belt drives are more betters. Bit more fiddly, but they run quieter and are more durable. Sounds like this is the sort of thing I need for the long haul. I don't plan on respraying anything bigger than Dorothy, and though she is a fat lump of a thing, I Think this should be ample.

Things is, though, do I really need one? Only I can answer that. What I really need, is some extra hair regrowth, some sort of exercise regime, some new glasses so that I can see where I am going. These are the things I need. I need a new job. I need to be in a Porsche Cayman as well, but I can't see that happening, like ever.

But at $400 it sounds like a deal hard to ignore, no?
The other compressor worth a mention in their catalogue that looks like it might be worth considering is the Blackridge unit. Once again, it's a belt drive unit. Pumps 2.5HP - 155LPM which is probably adequate for home use and probably not a lot else. This actually lists as a combo deal, and I was thinking that might also icnlude all your hoses and stuff for that price (like their offer last year did), but, no, you actually only get a scabby cover which is worth 14 bucks. Pretty crap deal, that, by the sounds of it. If you had the full kit like Supercheap used to offer, that would be quite tempting. It is basically the same price as the Stanley compressor.

Of course, good old Bunnings cannot be ignored either, with their stunning red Full Boar compressor. This one retails about fifty bucks less AND has more compressor power (AND it is a V twin, and that kinda sounds like a win to me. Plus, it's red, and that must mean it goes faster!)

Guys, are you getting a sense of deja vu here? Yes, I have covered a lot of this ground before some while ago here shopping for an air compressor, and has anything changed?

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Dorothy in action!

I love action shots and here we are. Just after a tune. Awfully boring video, but there you go. I know there really isn't much point in putting a little video like this up there, excepting that I want to keep a bit of a record of things and basically for no other reason than maybe someone else likes it as well, and gets as much of a kick out of it as I do.
Everything is working nicely at the moment. This was taken just after a tune up and although you can't hear the sound of the engine much over ELO, you can hear a bit. Maybe when I get some time I will put up a nice proper movie of things, although, really, is there much point? Anyway, if I do, I will definitely invest in a better camera setup. At the moment I have it perched precariously on the top of the bench seat. Hey, who said we do hi-tech around here anyway? Not me!

Here she is from a different aspect

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Shoalhaven Historic Vehicle Club National Heritage Day Berri 2017. Yes! We are going!

So we've booked a spot for the old tart, and now we have about six months to get her looking pretty schmick for the occasion. Six month to slap a lick of paint on her, get that interior up to scratch, get her running nice and that is about it.
We visited this event this year (in May) and you can check out some of the snaps I took on the day here We stumbled upon it by accident and we loved it so much we wanted to be a part of it, so, there you go. If you are in this neck of the woods in May, why not check it out? It really was an impressive display. 
Looks like next year they're going Italian. Oh well, maybe we're having pizza on the menu instead of hot dogs. Why not? Dorothy doesn't have anything Italian about her, but as they say in Italy "Chi se ne ratti"

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

327 Chev engine looks like it is gonna need a rebuild

Just got off the phone with Dave Wiggins Classical Mechanical in Yallah and have been advised that the engine is pretty sad. Very low compression in one cylinder, fair in the others and very high in one.
He also said the manifold I had fitted was cheap rubbish and wasn't sealed properly as he found vacuum leaks all over it. So, his solution is to tear the engine down, check its condition out and go from there. I asked Dave if he would be happy to do that and he said he was, so that is where we are at for now. I think it is going to be off the road for some time as all this stuff gets rebuilt.
I was going to get my brother to do help me do the rebuild myself, but factoring in all the, ah, factors, it probably wasn't going to be a great success. Anyway, Dorothy will be laid up for quite a while I guess. I hope I get it back before the holidays in late December.
Meanwhile, I took this quick little snap of her in action at Dave's place. First time I have actually seen it move myself, and she looked pretty cool!
(Okay, it didn't upload...bear with me)

Yeah, I tried to upload the file on youtube but for some reason it messes with my firewall settings and I have to log into the modem and reset my network settings, so, until I can figure out what is going on, I will give youtube a wide berth. Sick of it, actually.

I can tell you one day makes a big bloody difference. Yesterday we were gonna get Dave to do the engine and today I spoke with Dave and we decided to hold off. Couple of reasons for this: 1) I wanted to do the rebuild with my brother as a kind of fun thing to do and 2) Dave said he was flat chat with other projects and really couldn't commit to the build until around February.

I have spoken to Dave over the phone and he says he has spent a fair bit of time getting it running better. The manifold vacuum leak has been sorted and he has tweaked the carbi a bit and am not sure what else as I am stuck at work until 9 pm tonight. Good thing is Dorothy is back in my driveway where she belongs and by all accounts running much nicer, and that has to be a good thing, no?

So, Dave actually arrived at the conclusion that, despite it running quite well, it is still not great, and will need a rebuild at some stage of its life. For the time being I will drive the crap out of it over the holiday season and have buckets of fun with it.

One thing that has come up since discovering that the engine needs a rebuild, and that is to decide whether to rebuild the motor in it or go crate engine. The latter would be cheaper.

And then, someone throws in a red herring and says, "well, dopey, have you thought about an LS2 swap?"
Hmmm. I sort of had, but that is gonna take some serious thinking about as it is a complete turn around from where my brain was at. This is not entirely a bad thing as there are plenty of LS engines available. In fact it opens up a whole new gamut of possibilities.

From the learned and the wise (that is, those who have been before), I am getting the vibe that a late model Ford engine is not such a great option. For one, they are bigger than the LS family of engines and for another, the Coyote engine is very expensive.

So, from what I gather, it would be just as cheap to buy a decent complete ls2 with auto and complete harness and computer from a late model Commodore than it would to rebuild the old 327. Mind you, there'll be a ton of headaches, but isn't that why we do these sorts of things? Hmmm.

I know it pisses people off to have a Chev engine in a Ford, but when the product is so damned good, is there any reason (other than to endure the wrath of the purists) NOT to fit one?

It has my brain cogs ticking.... Stay tuned! Hard to believe, but this could get even uglier!

Well, I took the old girl for a run over the weekend. I do have some footage of the trip but having trouble uploading stuff as youtube keeps cutting me offline and I have to go an reset the network settings every time.
The truck ran fifty percent better. More power, more responsiveness, more grunt, more of everything, which, naturally, just has me wanting more! It now idles much nicer and has a little hint of grunt just enough to make you feel it in the seat when you put your foot down a bit. The only thing I can say here is..gimme more!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Making up bracket for stereo. A six hour epic!

The other week, for my birthday, my wife passes me this beautiful card across the table.

Wow! What can I say! Just a great card and so appropriate! The truck blows smoke just like Dorothy does! 

Well, I spent most of the day messing around with brackets and stuff. Decided for about the third time
that I didn't like the stereo in the passenger side footwell area. Besides, I want to put speakers there and not have them in the door. No other reason than because I don't think speakers really do wonders to the old truck look. It is just one of those things. I mean, this old girl is a bitsa anyway, but, if I can make the speakers a little less conspicuous then that is a good thing. Plus, I just can't easily change the cd when it is way down on the other side of the cabin. If I want to forward to another song, I have to dig out the remote and then try to get it pointed right at the unit and hope for the best.

Here is my stunning work of art! The upper holding bracket. Of course I guessed the first four holes, then decided to measure and add another four more. 

This is my third attempt and mounting it under the dash, and I think the end result was fairly satisfactory, at least for the time being.
60 mm flat aluminium bar for the face, 3mm thick. Drilled out some holes. Attached it to a piece of angle which is bolted from underneath that dash.
One of the reasons I had so much trouble with drilling these holes was because I wanted to use the existing holes in the underside of the dash rather than drill new ones.
Made  a little base for the stereo to sit on and mounted brackets from the holes in the side of the stereo into the base plate. I made it a bit off centre as I wanted to leave a space for the upcoming led light for my alarm system.

 Anyway, here is how it is looking. I wanted to retain the use of the cowl handle and therefore had to have the plate separated like this. If I wanted to delete the handle I would have just run a straight piece of plate right across. Would have looked a lot neater, but this looks pretty reasonable for the time being anyway. At least I can reach the stereo now and turn it up or down with ease.

Hey! While we are at's proof that Dorothy has clocked over her first 1000 kilometres! Woohoo!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Do you believe in UFO's?

Sunday 13th November. The night before the Supermoon. I was outside, checking out the glorious evening. The time was around 8.30 pm. I told my wife to come and check out the still night and the beautiful full moon. There were wisps of clouds about, but the sky was quite clear. (It did cloud over somewhat later, but for the time that I was out there, it was pretty clear).
Incidentally, I missed the supermoon show as it was cloudy the following night and I didn't bother.

On this night, anyway, the night before, as I mentioned, it was a very bright moon, and I wondered whether it would come out on my smartphone. I have a cheap KenXinDa smartphone, around 5 megapixels I think, and very basic. I took around half a dozen pictures. A couple with the flash, and the rest without. The ones without the flash worked the best.

Anyway, as I was checking these pictures, I noticed that in one picture there was a mysterious red dot which appeared below the moon at 7pm.  At first I thought it was Mars or maybe a jet, but subsequent photos revealed nothing. That is, even though I took several photos seconds apart, nothing showed up.
Freaky, ain't it? This is what I took.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Kiama Car and Bike spectacular 2016 post mortem

Magnificent day! Stunning Weather! Pretty girls and gorgeous cars. What more could you want? What? A free skin cancer check? You got it!
Massive turnout for the annual Kiama car and bike spectacular.
I did not see many bikes, although I wasn't really looking for them. Quite a few vendors selling actual car stuff and not just tupperware and kitchen crap, which made a nice change.
Without further ado, here is a small snippet of what we saw. I guess you could nearly triple this to get a better idea.
Most of the pictures were quite rushed as there were so many people around, I had to be quick before someone's head invariably got in the way. Anyhow.

Click on em to make em bigger!
A very decent turnout from the Z car club of Sydney.
Always have a soft spot for a Z, especially everyon'e darling; the 240z. 

All kinds of cars here today. Even modern sport's cars.